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IT Solutions

Empowering Strategy,
Amplifying Solutions, &
Offering Unparalleled Support.

Welcome to Trilogy IT Solutions, your one-stop destination for scalable IT solutions and support. As a leading provider of Managed IT Services and IT Consulting support for small and medium-sized businesses, we pride ourselves on our ability to take you from where you are to where you want to be. With our all-inclusive IT services partnership, we bring together expertise, responsiveness, and adaptability to meet the increasing demands of your growing business. At Trilogy IT Solutions, we are the perfect fit to be the IT Partner your business needs. Strategy, Solutions, Support – that’s what we’re all about.

Our Key Services

  • IT Strategic Consultancy
  • IT Planning & Budgeting
  • Web Design and e-Commerce Solutions
  • VoIP Cloud Based Telephony
  • Cloud Technology Solutions
  • Information & Data Management
  • System Wide Network Implementations
  • Disaster Recovery &
    Business Continuity Planning
  • General IT & Network Support

Web Design & eCommerce Solutions

Trilogy IT has enabled clients to increase their web presence with new and  updated websites using the latest web design tools and expertise in eCommerce and SEO.

Next Generation Backup & Disaster Recovery

It’s all about business continuity! We implement backup and disaster recovery solutions that will not only ensure your data is backed up, but that you can recover rapidly and get back to business.

Managed Voice in the Cloud (VOIP)


Replace your legacy phone system with a robust cloud-based VOIP network that provides your staff with the tools they need to communicate, regardless of their physical location.

Managed Services

Need someone to take the headache out of IT and ensure you are fully secure, protected and able to connect? Our Managed Services offering allows you to sit back and relax and be confident that a team of industry experts is working to ensure your business is always switched on.

Dedicated Support

Are you losing time and efficiency waiting too long to get the issue resolved? Our local team of solution focused experts are here to ensure your staff achieve optimal productivity by getting the help they need, when they need it.

IT Consulting Services

Expert Strategic Assistance

More and more organisations are looking to new technologies and digital advancements in order to excel and grow in a competitive business environment. But without a flexible, highly skilled IT strategy in place, this is increasingly difficult.

We partner with our clients to help plan, streamline and implement an effective IT strategy, aligning it with your overarching business objectives. We’ll ensure all elements of your technology work together to provide a measured return on investment, and that they’re all strategically sound.

From start-ups and commercial enterprises through numerous sectors, we can help a wide range of organisations achieve their business goals through an effective, best practice IT strategic plan. We can help internal teams, too – acting as a second pair of eyes and delivering specialist expertise where you in-house skill set may fall short.

A personal service

We’ll get to know your business’s specific needs, so they can understand how best to develop an effective IT strategy that meets your goals

All technologies covered

Our expertise spans across both IT and communications, so we can cover a wide range of project types

No hidden fees

We’re always transparent about our prices, so you’ll never have any unexpected fees or nasty surprises.

Expert in cloud technology solutions

To meet evolving demands in our increasingly virtualised world, workforces should be able to securely access and collaborate on internal systems and files from anywhere. To achieve this, many businesses are adopting cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

We’re on hand to help with advice, installations, migration, support, cloud backup solutions and everything in between. We work with all sizes of organisations, from startups to enterprises, with offices all over the world. Whether you’re an IT team looking to outsource the management of a cloud application or a business that needs help migrating to the cloud, we can help.

Managed Cyber Security

We offer two comprehensive managed cyber security packages offering advanced 360° protection from the latest threats and vulnerabilities, be they malicious or accidental.


Whether you need initial guidance or full support throughout your journey; we’ll help you meet compliance for a wide range of regulatory and security standards.

Incident Response

Our Incident Response service ensures you’ll be fully prepared for any cyber-attack or breach and can respond swiftly to lessen any impact and reduce risk.

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